May 2023

pakendile prototüübi valmistamine

Packaging technical solutions and prototyping

The technical design of the packaging is the first step in creating functional and visually attractive packaging solutions. Skilful and technical design is a strong base for a functional packaging solution. Creativity is useful in many walks of life in which there are multiple ways of

What does Green Print label on the packaging mean?

Entrepreneurs cannot let the fact go unnoticed that nature protection and preservation is important to modern consumers; therefore, people are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. In 2003 we created the Green Print label hand in hand with the Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF).

puuriit fsc kriteeriumitele vastavas metsas

What does the FSC® label on the packaging mean?

How to set your products apart and become noticed by ever more aware consumers? FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is an international sustainable management standard. It ensures our clients that the packaging they ordered has been produced in a sustainable manner, respecting the ecological, social, and

Astangu Kutserehabilitatsiooni Keskus,

What materials should you use for your product’s packaging?

The product’s packaging influences its quality and plays an important role in marketing. The packaging material must correspond to the product’s needs while also being environmentally friendly, cost efficient and protect the product. We recommend corrugated paper or cardboard packaging for products. These materials can be