About Us


Ecoprint is an environmentally friendly company based on Estonian capital that is focussed on the production of carton packaging. We also print books, magazines, and various marketing materials. The environmentally friendly approach to designing services has been a consistent factor throughout the company’s operation.


Our story does not have a grand beginning. It starts with a single person with a desire to offer more than just a service. Our story is inspired by love and care for all living things.

Printing services inevitably damage the environment. The main issue that arose was how to reduce our negative environmental impact. The goal was not just thinking green but acting it, too.



The beginning was hard, as a vision of an environmentally friendly printing service was still a market novelty here. However, dedication to our goals and continuous work helped us achieve the results.

Working closely together with the Estonian Fund for Nature, printing ink suppliers and paper sellers, we created our unique brand—the Green Print.

From here, the story of Ecoprint is more than just growing revenue numbers. It is a tale of innovation, development, courage and ambition, inspired by thinking green.


As our company developed, environmental protection became a definite line of action in which we also involved other companies, cooperation partners and interested parties. There was no doing it ourselves, but rather doing it together.

In order to offer value to pass on to future generations, we had to take bold steps. On our journey, we were guided by environmentally friendly, professional, flexible and responsible approaches.



We had a vision to become a leading environmentally friendly printing company in Estonia and its neighbouring countries. We were steadfast in carrying out our vision, thus making Ecoprint the first FSC® certified printing company in Estonia. Some time later, we also earned The Nordic Ecolabel.

Ten years after taking environmentally friendly steps it began to pay dividends as a competitive advantage, and helped us, as a small company, be successful alongside larger companies. In time, our activities and green initiatives have received more attention and rained recognition both in Estonia as well as in Europe.


Ecoprint’s environmentally friendly business activities have been recognised by the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK) of Estonia, who has assisted us in exchanging almost the entirety of our machinery for more sustainable and resource efficient alternatives. Investments into new technologies and equipment enabled us to focus on creating more environmentally friendly packaging.

Now we see that sustainability and environmentally friendly approach is the new reality. For us, this means first and foremost care for the environment around us and responsibility towards future generations.



Ecoprint has developed thanks to its clients who have appreciated our work and approach, thereby making this story possible.

We shall end it not with a period but with a comma, so our success story could continue.

Our mission

Offering the best environmentally friendly print solutions that increase competitive edge and improve reputation to business customers.

Our vision

Ecoprint is the most environmentally friendly and recommended print partner in Estonia and its neighboring countries. Ecoprint’s reliability and customer loyalty are based on quality, modern values and environmental protection.

environment and quality

We have strived to become the best version of ourselves. Environmental friendliness, professionalism, flexibility and responsibility have been our guiding principles. We work to minimise the ecological footprint of our customers’ business activities.

To do this, we…

  • explain the importance of using environmentally friendly materials and production methods to our customers;
  • monitor our paper use to reduce the volume of trial impressions;
  • invest into environmentally friendly technologies;
  • aim to deliver the maximum amount of products with a single delivery round;
  • always prefer certified chemicals with an environmental label, which are minimally harmful to the environment;
  • collect hazardous waste separately from other waste and hand it over to waste management operators;
  • cooperate with a waste management operator who guarantees that all waste is recycled either in the form of heat energy or material;
  • continue with our tree planting tradition that started in 2003;
  • consistently improve the eco-friendliness of our printing house.

Our quality and environmental management system has been established in compliance with ISO requirements that facilitates the functioning of the management system.

In 2003, along with the Estonian Fund for Nature we developed an environmentally friendly printing service. A year later, we registered the Green Print trademark so that it can be used only on printed matter produced by Ecoprint.

  • Printing inks based on natural resins and oils.
  • Recycled or certified printing paper.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies.

The FSC®️ checkmark logo on the paper is a guarantee that the product uses wood from sustainable sources; helping conserve and protect forests, wildlife, and people. Ecoprint owns a sertificate FSC®️ SCS-COC-007924.

All the wood is tracked from the forest to the store. Every link between the forest and the consumer is certified to make it clearly identifiable which wood is FSC®️ certified and which is not.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries, a voluntary and positive practical tool for consumers to help them actively choose environmentally sound products.

From April 2010 is Ecoprint the swanlabelled printing company. Ecoprint has a right to use the Nordic Ecolabel, Swanlabel in all product types in the company.


Over the years, we’ve received a number of prestigious awards that show we’re on the right track and our green steps are being noticed.

Environmental Award of the Year in the category of environmental management systems.
Environmental Award of the Year in the category of environmental management systems and environmentally friendly products.
Environmental Award of the Year in the category of environmentally friendly production processes.
Recycling Award of the Year
EBAE finalist, one of the three best environmental management systems in Europe in the category of small enterprises.
European Union’s environment management systems first award in the category of small enterprises.


Project “AS Ecoprint ressursitõhususe investeering”

Funded by The Environmental Investment Centre

Watch the video: Eesti Keskkonnaministeerium. (2022). Ressursitõhususe investeering: Ecoprint

Project “E-GO-PRINT”

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund