Packaging technical solutions and prototyping

pakendile prototüübi valmistamine

Packaging technical solutions and prototyping

The technical design of the packaging is the first step in creating functional and visually attractive packaging solutions.

Skilful and technical design is a strong base for a functional packaging solution. Creativity is useful in many walks of life in which there are multiple ways of reaching the goal. Such is the case in the work of a technical designer which requires creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

Since the packaging’s technical design is an integral part of the overall product development process, the packaging constructor offers assistance to the client in perfecting the design and creating innovative ideas. The client receives alternative solutions to make the product even more environmentally friendly.

Even though the job title includes “design” in its name, the work is mostly technical and requires three-dimensional thinking and thorough knowledge on material and production technologies.

Ecoprint employs a packaging constructor who participates in packaging development and creates new designs. The technical designer contributes knowledge and skills in order to make the developed packaging work and correspond to the client’s wishes.

The construction of cardboard and corrugated paper packaging begins with establishing a vision. When generating ideas, we take into account:

  • brand history
  • consumer needs
  • the desired overall image and message
  • the properties of the packaged product
  • the convenience of use and packaging speed
  • material properties
  • production technologies
  • various requirements and standards
  • budget and price class.

As a first step, we work with the client to select the packaging material (corrugated paper or cardboard) to ensure the protection and ease of use of the product. After that, the lock type is chosen (e.g., crash-lock, snap-lock etc.). These choices influence the simplicity, durability, sustainability and price of the packaging.

Following these first steps, initial drafts are made. In creating the design, extra attention is paid to the thickness of the material, as well as the size, shape and correct layout of the packaging. Once the design is ready, it is coordinated with the client in order to start work on prototyping.

Prototyping offers a chance to experiment with different materials and solutions in practice. The flatbed cutter is used to experiment and find the most appropriate and functional packaging solution. This process does not have additional incurred costs for Ecoprint clients. Quite the contrary, prototyping helps avoid mistakes and costly re-production. Once the client has chosen the suitable solution, the preparations for the production process can begin.