January 2024


Our people: warehouse manager Ketlin

Ketlin started working at Ecoprint in the position of post-processor in March 2012. Ketlin has always been very precise and accurate in her work, being demanding both towards herself and others. For Ketlin, there are no shades of gray. As confirmation of all this, Ketlin has now

pakendid 2024

How to stand out with your product packaging in 2024?

Ecoprint team gives you 5 tips! Focus on the Environment Consumers continue to appreciate environmentally friendly choices. Consider using materials with a smaller environmental footprint and recyclable solutions. Invest in Design Eye-catching packaging grabs attention. A unique and memorable design gives your product a competitive edge. Think Circular Economy Implement circular

Tootmisettevõtte ärimudeli muutmise toetus

Let’s start the new year with green news

Although Ecoprint has been focusing on environmental impacts throughout its existence, we decided to take a more structured approach. In 2023, we completed a comprehensive green audit, during which the company's green credentials, climate impact and circularity of the business model fit were analysed. The key question