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Our people: Folding machine operator Janek

For the first time, Janek joined us in May 2004, in the position of a post-processor. From 2008 to 2010, like any young man would, Janek took some time to explore the world. Fortunately for us, he found his way back "home" in 2010 and

roheline energia, taastuv energia

Ecoprint now operates on 100% renewable energy

Ecoprint AS, the producer of environmentally friendly packaging and print materials, converted to 100% renewable energy at the beginning of the year, thus greatly decreasing the company’s environmental footprint.  The push for this decision was given by a green audit conducted at the company, according to


Our people: warehouse manager Ketlin

Ketlin started working at Ecoprint in the position of post-processor in March 2012. Ketlin has always been very precise and accurate in her work, being demanding both towards herself and others. For Ketlin, there are no shades of gray. As confirmation of all this, Ketlin has now

pakendid 2024

How to stand out with your product packaging in 2024?

Ecoprint team gives you 5 tips! Focus on the Environment Consumers continue to appreciate environmentally friendly choices. Consider using materials with a smaller environmental footprint and recyclable solutions. Invest in Design Eye-catching packaging grabs attention. A unique and memorable design gives your product a competitive edge. Think Circular Economy Implement circular

Tootmisettevõtte ärimudeli muutmise toetus

Let’s start the new year with green news

Although Ecoprint has been focusing on environmental impacts throughout its existence, we decided to take a more structured approach. In 2023, we completed a comprehensive green audit, during which the company's green credentials, climate impact and circularity of the business model fit were analysed. The key question


Our people: Post processing and packaging operator Liia

Liia has already been with us for two years as of last month. She is a very positive and friendly colleague. When asked whether the glass is half full or half empty, Liia's response is that the glass is always overflowing. Instead of complaining, Liia

tootepakendi valmistamine

A Tale Of An Idea Made Into A Reality

In the autumn of this year, a unique and environmentally friendly packaging solution was created in collaboration of Ecoprint and MÖM Organic Honey OÜ. Here we will tell you how this came about. The client had a vision

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Our people: Printer Margus

It feels as if Margus has been with us since the beginning. Writing about him today, we are surprised to realize that he has only been a part of the Ecoprint's team for two years. Margus is a colleague overflowing with positivity and delightful energy. He

ecoprint emajõe äärt koristamas

World Cleanup Day 2023

Ecoprint's mission is to find ways to positively impact the environment. As a team, we participated in World Cleanup Day and organized our own cleanup day on September 15th. We selected the beloved riverside area of the Emajõgi River as our cleanup spot and collected everything

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Our people: print finishing manager Robert

Robert was already doing internships at Ecoprind during his school days. In 2007, after graduating from school, he joined us as a full-time employee. Robert started as a machine operator, and in 2021, he moved up to the position of print finishing manager. Robert always approaches