June 2023

trükimasin lähivaates


Last week we focused on describing the prepress process. We continue to tell the story of the packaging's journey by introducing the printing process. The operator sends the verified print files to the machine via cloud service to set up the printing press. The machine automatically


Once the client has chosen the suitable packaging solution, and graphic designer has finished its appearance, the preparations for the production process can begin. The task of the prepress, or repro department, is to check print files and make preparations for plate production. The process begins


Our people: logistic/warehouse worker Anneli

Anneli joined our team as a post-processing operator in March 2012. But we met much earlier, when she had a temporary job at Ecoprint while still at school. Anneli is always very dedicated to her work. This is indicated by her consistency and willingness to always

müügiassistent Monika oma töölaua taga

Our people: sales assistant Monika

Monika joined us in May 2003 as a sales assistant. This was not her first job in the printing industry. Having started her career at Levileht AS, Monika has witnessed the printing sector grow over a quarter of a century. She is a very helpful person and