July 2023

Delivery to the client

The packaging’s journey at Ecoprint ends with its delivery to the client. Finished products are properly assembled and prepared for transport. Thought out and correct packaging ensures the durability of the finished product and helps avoid potential damage (bruising, moisture damage, tears etc.) during transport. There

paberi kasutamine trükitööstuses


Last week we wrote about cleaning die cut sheets but did not mention the amounts of wastepaper this produces. Since paper is one of the most recycled materials out there and wastepaper is inevitable at a printing company, we have decided to dedicate an extra

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After the printing process is completed, we can say that largely 3/5 of the work is done. After the offset machine has finished its work, and the sheets have sufficiently dried (approximately 24 h), the post-press work of the printed material can begin. The post-processing stages