Packaging Offer – What Does It Include?

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Packaging Offer – What Does It Include?

Since Ecoprint’s product portfolio is wide and each product is tailored to the customer, a general price list has not been established. The company’s sales team uses various components in creating collaboration offers, resulting in an environmentally friendly printed product. Below, we would like to introduce these components in more detail.


The material used for packaging is the main factor in determining the price of the packaging. Ecoprint mainly produces packaging from cardboard and corrugated board. These two materials are further divided according to different properties, appearance, and application areas.


The next factor is the format or layout of the packaging, which is placed on the substrate as efficiently as possible. Ecoprint’s team always finds the optimal solution for placing the packaging on the sheet. Substrates are usually standardized in A and B formats and priced per ton. The smaller the part of the material left unused, the smaller the quantity of tons purchased, and the better the final product price will be.

Production Volume/Circulation

Setting up the necessary machines for production requires a considerable amount of time (cost), which also plays a role in the final price. The larger the quantity of printed materials ordered, the better the price per unit, as the setup cost is divided among larger units.


Designing/forming the packaging can be a complex and costly process, especially if it involves special effects such as UV varnish, foil stamping, embossing, etc. The goal of using effects is always the same – to stand out with your product and attract consumer attention. The decision to use these options is made by the client together with the designer, and we advise on the technical side. However, it is worth noting that each additional effect incurs a cost.


Packaging transportation and logistics costs also affect the final price. Here, factors such as route, quantity, weight, and other factors come into play.

In addition to the described main components, there may be many more factors reflected in the offer, which will become clear during personal negotiations.

If you have a product that requires environmentally friendly packaging for protection and better appearance, then contact us!