We have adopted new environmentally friendly materials

uued keskkonnas├Ábralikud pakkematerjalid

We have adopted new environmentally friendly materials

As a responsible printing company, we genuinely wish to operate sustainably in our daily work. At Ecoprint, we continually seek ways to reduce the ecological footprint of the materials we use in production.

Below, we proudly introduce two new packaging materials that reflect our commitment to an environmentally conscious approach:

30% PCR recycled plastic hybrid stretch film.

Plastic stretch film is used to securely package goods and protect them from dirt and moisture. We have adopted a hybrid stretch film made from 30% recycled plastic. As a result of this change, our packaged goods have an average environmental impact that is 0.3 times smaller than conventional packaging films.

Kraft paper packaging tape

We replaced PP film packaging tapes with a 100% Kraft paper product. The new packaging tape is more environmentally friendly and is perfect for sealing shipping boxes.

We hope to inspire other companies with our example to make alternative environmentally friendly decisions.