Delivery to the client

Delivery to the client

The packaging’s journey at Ecoprint ends with its delivery to the client. Finished products are properly assembled and prepared for transport. Thought out and correct packaging ensures the durability of the finished product and helps avoid potential damage (bruising, moisture damage, tears etc.) during transport.

There are various ways of assembling and packaging the final product — it all depends on the type of goods. It is extremely important to make sure the chosen packaging solution protects the product, be cost-effective for the client and safe for the environment. For transport, Ecoprint mainly uses corrugated paper boxes with a high content (at least 70%) of recycled material, as these boxes can be reused and recycled.

The goods, once packaged in boxes, are stacked on pallets using binding technique and fixed with packaging film. Shrink-wrapping is the most common method, but, if possible, plastic straps are used instead. Fixing the goods to the pallet is extremely important, since weakly secured goods will move during transportation. Unwanted movement damages the goods and may cause a risk to road safety.

Once all the above-mentioned actions have been completed, the goods are made available to the client pursuant to the agreed-upon delivery conditions.

Ecoprint offers its clients two options of receiving the goods:

  • client pick-up, or
  • delivery by transport company.

We usually agree upon delivery conditions in the order placement stage. Once the chain of movement for the goods has been decided, it is rare to have any changes made in it.