paberi kasutamine trükitööstuses


Last week we wrote about cleaning die cut sheets but did not mention the amounts of wastepaper this produces. Since paper is one of the most recycled materials out there and wastepaper is inevitable at a printing company, we have decided to dedicate an extra post just to that.

Our company collects wastepaper that is produced during cutting and die cutting in separate containers and hands them over to a waste management company. We are convinced that the wastepaper created during production does not belong in the oven but is perfectly suited for recycling. We are partnered with a waste management company which ensures that the collected wastepaper is recycled as new material.

At Ecoprint, our attitude to work is expressed in two ways — the kind of work we do, and how we treat the environment. We do not make any concessions in either, which is why more and more companies are choosing us as a cooperation partner.

Here is another good example on how to utilise paper waste. In a short time, Ecoprint will be launching a campaign in which we distribute unused paper to kindergartens. Instead of writing the paper off completely and throwing it in the designated bin, we will collect paper that can still be used for arts and crafts and send it to the next round of use. This helps us maintain the principles of reuse and decrease the amount of produced waste.