Show that you care about nature with the help of environmental labels

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Show that you care about nature with the help of environmental labels

Some labels signify the quality of a product; in the printing industry, these are environmental labels.

Notwithstanding their type, ecolabels serve common goals:

  • promoting products the use of which reduces the negative impact on the environment
  • facilitating the efficient use of natural resources
  • improving the environmental awareness of consumers and producers
  • influencing the market towards achieving greater environmental awareness.

Ecoprint has been awarded quite a few of these labels. We have an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody Certification, a Nordic Ecolabel and have developed the Green Print / Roheline trükis™ ecolabel that shows a product has been made with environmentally friendly production methods.

Increasingly more Estonian people are taking note of environmental labels. If you have to choose between two equally decent products, we recommend that consumers prefer goods that have been awarded an ecolabel.

We offer our customers the option of marking their packages and other print materials with various environmental labels. If we have the right to use a specific label, we can “transfer” it to your product package. This way, you’ll stand out among competitors and be a more distinguished as well as efficient agent on the market.

If you need us to explain some of the additional aspects, write to us at 📩