Ecoprint now operates on 100% renewable energy

roheline energia, taastuv energia

Ecoprint now operates on 100% renewable energy

Ecoprint AS, the producer of environmentally friendly packaging and print materials, converted to 100% renewable energy at the beginning of the year, thus greatly decreasing the company’s environmental footprint. 

The push for this decision was given by a green audit conducted at the company, according to which the electricity consumed was the second largest factor in forming the production’s environmental footprint. 

According to Ecoprint CEO Margo Tähn, the audit conducted by Civitta over half a year proved very useful, as it gave an objective overview of the company’s environmental footprint and the possibilities to decrease it. “The 360-degree green audit assessed Ecoprint’s green capacity, environmental impact and business model circularity, analysed the potential of sustainable development and potential sustainable business activity alternatives. In addition to transition to renewable energy, we now have plans in place to better structure the design process, reducing the environmental impact of the purchased products and digitization,” adds Margo Tähn.  

The electricity consumed by Ecoprint constituted 14% of the company’s climate impact, only coming second to the influence of the products purchased for printing. The green audit suggested the conversion to renewable energy as a solution to reduce carbon emissions. This was implemented, and from the beginning of 2024, Ecoprint purchases only energy sources with a 100% renewable certificate of origin, mainly solar, wind and hydropower.

In conclusion, the green audit has given Ecoprint the necessary overview of the company’s eco-friendliness and capability to deal with environmental impacts, and has created the foundation for further steps in the making of the company more sustainable. In addition to transition to renewable energy, the company intends to implement other means, such as client education, using environmentally friendly materials and digitization in order to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable production.

The green audit commissioned by Ecoprint is an important step in achieving the company’s vision of sustainable packaging and printing solutions. The green audit was conducted by Civitta (May-December 2023) and was financed by NextGenerationEU, the European Union economic recovery instrument.