A Tale Of An Idea Made Into A Reality

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A Tale Of An Idea Made Into A Reality

In the autumn of this year, a unique and environmentally friendly packaging solution was created in collaboration of Ecoprint and MÖM Organic Honey OÜ. Here we will tell you how this came about.

The client had a vision…

In early spring, when the bees were still resting in their winter home, we received a visit from Riin, a representative of MÖM, who came to us with a prototype that needed realisation. The first sample was made simply using materials at hand but was enough to give our team a clear message of what needed to be done. Riin’s goal was to make an original package that would outwardly look like a book and its contents would explain the flavours and sensory impressions of honey to the consumers.

… product development began…

Our product development technician created several prototypes with different solutions using Riin’s original idea. By the end of the development process it became clear that the product was very stylish but outwardly still excessively resembled a box (not a book). The solution to the problem was actually very simple: the technician added a fold reminiscent of a book to the front cover of the packaging. It was a small detail, but it fulfilled its purpose —a box became a book.

… results.

In late autumn, when bees moved back to their winter homes, Riin’s goal had been achieved—the Book of Organic Honey was revealed to the world. The final solution of the honey book is much more than a simple product packaging. In addition to a taste experience, it tells a tale of a sustainable way of life, environmentalism, people’s responsibility to support the ecosystem and the pollinators’ role in our life. The book radiates closeness to nature inside and out—it is a combination of design, content, experience in taste and hard work. This is a superb product for those who care about the environment and wish to enjoy a piece of authentic Estonia.

If our story appealed to you, please find additional information at their online store.

We are here to make your dream packaging a reality. If you have a vision and want to make it come true, do the same as Riin and introduce your idea to us. We shall think together and find a solution even for the most outlandish ideas, even if the packaging is combined into an informative booklet.